Carbon Fiber fender, FRP racing
body, Dymag wheels, Trac swing-arm,
Shinko tire, MPS progressive controller
for the 150hp NOS system, Keihin CR
flat-slide Carbs & velocity stacks.
Pingel air shifter, inverted front forks,
Murray exhaust and a Cope Racing
This is Daves ZX11,
I have built the motor using, Cases enlarged to match the
Superbike Mike Billet block a crank so stroked  that required
re-shaping the rod bolt to miss the clutch basket. I filled it with
fly cut JE pistons hanging on Carillo Stroker rods that ride an
additionally stroked Falicon crank. We're talking maximum
inches. This is all topped with a Lazer pro stock cylinder head
carring Webb Cams special SBM grind "Phsyco" cam that I'll
degree and will breathe through 41mm Flat slides.
All this will end up feeding a billet clutch basket that is kept
wet with a SBM bypassed oil pan.
The missing oil pump was replaced with a new one from
Kawasaki and has been  installed. The lower engine case
clearanced for the oil bypass pan too.

Now the Web Cams require that partially disassemble the
Lazer head to send the rocker-arms to Web to have them
lengthened and reshaped, for $35 fer arm x 16 arms, as well
as custom ground shims at $10 apiece for a total of $775
extra investment.